Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Ever since watching the BBC’s Top Of The Lake with it’s sprawling New Zealand scenery and woodland, I’ve had this romantic notion of one day having a little log cabin in the wilderness.

A small flat in North London is my own patch of escapism (I love it cause it’s ours) but without a garden it’s nice to bring a touch of the outside in to your home. I wouldn’t recommend slathering your flat in fur rugs and animal heads but a subtle nod to the wild (woody textures and animalistic prints) will serve as a gentle reminder of the great outdoors…

1. Woods Print by Dianna Heroine from $14 Society6
2. Large Wooden Cube £110 French Connection Home
3. Woodlands English Romantic Cushion £50 Chocolate Creative
4. Decorative Deer Antlers £55 Cox & Cox (available mid September)
5. Moose Print from $17 Society6

Note to self: just one or two of these items not all of them together!


  1. This is so my thing!!! And perfect for my upcoming trip to the Pacific Northwest!

    1. Wow lucky you- that's going to be unreal! Are you off to the Rocky Mountains? I expect lots of pictures on happy interior blog Igor! x