Sunday, 1 September 2013


1. Finally got round to experimenting with my blender and made a homemade blueberry smoothie, resulting in a healthy liquid lunch (that was post a bacon sarnie breakfast of course). So easy to make: Handful of oats, few big spoonfuls of natural yoghurt, prolonged squeeze of honey, frozen blueberries and milk. Enjoyed over Liberty's new Autumn / Winter magazine- you should see the latest high tops they've collaborated with Nike on again next season.  
2. Saturday lunch at Monocle Café- Monocole Magazine recently extended it's portfolio in London with a stylish lifestyle cafe (just off Marylebone High Street). Based on the original Tokyo concept (where the café originated) it is drenched in tasteful interior design. The friendly café staff inform me it's a mecca for architects and designers alike. I can see why. Favourite bits? Choosing my lunch from the photographs of dishes framed on the wall (typical of Asian restaurants but somehow they've made it unique and cool), fine wooden Scandi meets Japanese furniture, Uton noodles, minty water on tap, hipster branding and the Japanese toilet (with a multitude of space age functions- my toilet seat was heated!).
3. Feather installation at Anthropologie on Regent Street. A bed surrounded by 3589 floating feathers. Imagine waking up to that!
4. New book Rethink: The Way You Live by Amanda Talbot - also spotted in Anthropologie. Essentially it is about embracing old age methods of living, being more resourceful, reusing and recycling. My coffee table needs this.
5. Booked John Salt in Islington for dinner with girlfriends on Friday night. Despite my reluctance to dine in what is essentially a busy bar, we loved it! The venue on Upper Street (which used to be Keston Lodge) is a far cry from it's cheesy predecessor. And bravo to chef Neil Rankin (from Pitt Cue Co) for his posh dude food - the smoked shortrib cheeseburger I had was epic. Sadly I was having so much fun I forgot to take a picture of my dish but here is one off John Salt's twitter page.
6. Fake grass- my brother recently landscaped his garden using fake grass. Pricier than the natural stuff but looks perfect and and you never have to mow the lawn again. Not sure how 'green' I feel about artificial grass though?
Get up to anything fun this weekend?
Peg x

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