Tuesday, 17 December 2013


What I love about gift wrapping is that it gives me the license to mix pattern and colour that usually I'd shy away from. It unleashes my aesthetic alter ego! Why? Because it's disposable (although I DO encourage recycling your paper people) and a bit of fun - so just go for it!

Gift wrap tips
Spotted: Genius gift wrap inspiration
Here are my top tips...

1. Clash traditional prints / paper with ultra modern flashes of colour (note my attempt below and the neon + feather wrapping by Decor8 above). This is a gift not an outfit so why not be outlandish? 
(easily achieved with Rifle's bold midnight floral wrap)

2. Inject some added 'surprise' to your parcel by attaching a sweet or mini bar of chocolate. 

3. Use bold / neon washi tape instead of standard cellotape. The Glue Gun Girl on Etsy has a thrifty range of fun washi tapes.

4. Add some 'theatre' to your presents like Handmade Charlotte's Mouse Gift Wrap (genius) or by glueing feathers, sprigs of herbs, paper pom poms, lego, dried lemons etc. The options are endless...

5. Opt for some interactive gift wrap such as the recipe gift wrap by Minted.com, encouraging the paper to continue it's life post pressie opening. I'm calling it 'Multi functional gift wrap'.

Gift wrap tips

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Once a month a crew of 'Urban Jungle Bloggers' (which is gleefully growing) get together to pioneer a sprinkle of 'green' across their blog content. Pioneered by the lovely Igor (Happy Interior blog), Judith (Joelix.com) and Jocelyn (The Little Room Of Style). This month we are sharing our 'Green Festive Decoration Vignette' which finally kick started my intention to craft some homemade green inspired decorations for my little flat. Introducing my rather humble (and admittedly simple) homemade rosemary hearts, using John Lewis' handy willow wreaths...

Having already got some sprigs of rosemary in the fridge (one of my favourite autumnal scents) I decided to customise my little hearts using herbs rather than foliage. Of course if you have a garden you could snip some fresh rosemary from your outdoor wonderland, or even use sprigs from your Christmas tree (if it's real of course).

I used: John Lewis Heart Willow Wreath for the larger heart and John Lewis Natural Mini Heart Wreaths Pack of 3 (from crafts department), sprigs of fresh rosemary, clear plastic thread and scissors.

These really were as easy to make as they look (I'm not one for overcomplicating things). Simply weave the rosemary stems into the nooks of the wood where possible and then secure it to the wooden hearts by tying it with plastic thread. For the larger heart I snipped the ribbon handles from an anthropologie carrier bag (being resourceful) and for the little hearts I suspended on a white wall with long loops of plastic thread (this stuff is v.versatile!) and short  strips of checked washi tape.

How are you bringing a nod of green into your home this Christmas? 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


I've been crushing over West Elm products from afar for the last 12 months and getting serious stateside envy. The Brooklyn born brand is owned by interiors giant Williams Sanoma (that also own Pottery Barn) and often branded as their cool hip younger sister brand.

On Thursday West Elm UK opened it's doors on London's Tottenham Court Road. Yesterday I made a bee line for the new store, like an interiors junkie possessed (OK maybe not a junkie but I was fairly excited). Despite giving myself a 45 minute window to sweep the store, an hour simply wasn't enough. West Elm have nailed the retail lifestyle experience; complete with a coffee bar, free nibbles, super friendly staff and a design service area. They even have a 'living wall' of free plants and greenery.

Highlights for me? Thick quality textiles, iron hexagonal mirrors, caged light pendants, Will from Bright Bazaar's Etsy wall gallery (curation of fun bright art) and copper cookware by British Designer Aaron Probyn. The beauty of West Elm is the breadth of choice - from hallway organisers and filament light bulbs to snow globes and wreath wood spheres. Also look out for their vibrant designer collaborations - having partnered up with the likes of Sarah Campbell on print and pattern and Lubna Chowdhary on tile based furniture and accessories.

Visit West Elm UK here

Monday, 2 December 2013


I have to admit I'm a tiny bit humbug when it comes to Christmas décor. Lashings of glitter, green and post box red scare me so I've compiled a little mood board below of seasonal scandi inspiration. I know I should just embrace the seasonal tack (that's part of the fun right?) but for now I'm opting for paired back, mellow and simple décor, whilst still a nod to festive... who's with me?

1. Wooden Wall Tree (space saving alternative to a real tree for those with a small pad like me) - Now £17.80 from West Elm. Decorate with homemade paper / knitted decorations.
2. Handmade Felt Advent Calendar Now £14.50 from Daylesford Organic 
(I never had a chocolate calendar as a nipper as I was allergic 
so the idea of filling this with sweet treats for loved ones is so nostalgic).
3. Real Buxus Christmas Wreath from £18 Rowen & Wren
4. Snug Trio 16.90 euros from Snug Online 
5. Handmade Donkey Christmas Decoration £12 from Daylesford Organic (adorable)
6. Gold Glitter Mini Clothes Pegs from LuluBelleDesign1182 on Etsy 
(I might just consider a sprinkle of glitter if they are on pegs!)