Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Despite waking up with a sore head (post Friday wedding) on Saturday I dragged my sorry self down to Shoreditch; my first London Design Festival exploration zone. Bit of cold air and dose of amazing design was just the pick me up apparently. I'm also more than a little bit thankful to Elle Deco for their London Design Festival app, with an edit of all best LDF happenings to visit per area, complete with google map plug ins. The LDF line up took me over an hour to browse so they've essentially done the hard work for you (yup lazy cow app)...
First stop; Maison Trois Garcons. The latest venture from trio Hassan, Michel and Stefan (owners of Les Trois Garcons and Lounge Lovers) marries their love of interiors, antiques and fine food (café style), so now you can enjoy their delicacies in a casual lunch format, whilst not only admiring the décor but also having the option of purchasing it all too. According to the hipster American girl behind the till you can pretty much buy everything you see, including the table you are sitting at. Products for sale include luxury mini dog beds (which resemble throwns for pooches), gold robots, bone china, a large pink neon heart, kitsch animal ornaments (Hassan, Michel + Stefan clearly animal lovers), crystal glassware and Cleopatra-esque gold statement jewellery.
Front area of of café- wooden clad walls, illuminated balloons + neon heart for sale.
Exposed brick walls against Mediterranean style café tables
Doggie day beds aka throwns for your pooch. We toyed with the idea of getting one 
for our friend's tortoise George Darwin.
Food porn: carrot cake.
Wooden clad counter and industrial hanging bulbs.
Munchies from owner's travels? Cream crackers were speaking to me. Anyone tried these?
I particularly liked the food/ gift offering, which seemed like a personal mish mash of the owners' favourite worldly nibbles, including a personal favourite of mine dill flavoured crisps 
(god they are amazing). Also available from Ocado but obviously way cooler to get them from here ha.
Chinese meets European bone china plates.
posh pooch and pussy cushions.
  Thinks to oneself: how do I bag up a tiled table, get it home + fit in lounge? 
Love the Missoni-esque pattern.

Click here to visit Maison Trois Garcons website. No reservation needed, its way more cavernous than I imagined so getting a table in the café is pretty easy.

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