Sunday, 29 September 2013


Yesterday was my dear friend Kelly's (from wedding blog Festival Brides) brilliantly dubbed 'Pre Push Party' aka baby shower, held at her gorgeous rural home in Kent. As part of the day, we were asked to bake something Mary Berry style, in what can only be described as a 'big bump bake off'. Sadly my raspberry + white chocolate cupcakes didn't win (not that I'm competitive -whatever ha!), that went to some epic rocky road whipped together by friend Amy- totally scrummy and 'dead easy to make' she says. As well as relishing the sugar rush (I ate some 8 cakes- fat yes) I also enjoyed some washi tape fun, making my flag cake toppers before hand. Introducing my first make + do post (easing myself in gently people) here is my 'flag cake toppers' how-to...
How to make flag cake toppers
How to make flag cake toppers
You will need: A pair of scissors, washi tape (in choice of colour), 
sharpie black pen and cocktail sticks.

1. Cut a 5-6cm strip of washi tape.
2. Place the cocktail stick in the centre of the washi tape. Have the point of the cocktail stick sitting above the washi tape.
3. Fold the washi tape over so it sticks together as evenly as possible (don't worry if not perfect).
4. Cut the washi tape into a V to create a flag shape to the ends.
 Using your sharpie pen, write a word or decorate appropriate to your occasion. (in my case a 'pre push party' so I went for the word BABY but you could decorate with stars / snowflakes for Christmas or the word LOVE for Valentines for instance).

Hope you enjoyed my baby cakes x

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