Thursday, 8 August 2013


Washi tape has become to crafts what cupcakes are to baking. From sticking your magazine tares to your walls (and it actually looking good- bid blue tac farewell) to customising chair legs and door frames, the possibilities have been sending my Pinterest feed into a coma. What astounds me the most however is just how expensive these seemingly simple Japanese masking tapes retail at across most of the web. Yep the options are endless but we're talking £3.00 per pop (for tape???). I'm therefore feeling like I've stumbled across a jewel in blogger The Glue Gun Girl who is offering her washi tape at just £1.50 per roll on her online shop Haus of Glue. Result.

Black and white stripe washi tape: £1.50 Haus of Glue
Blue grid washi tape: £1.50 Haus of Glue

washi tape frames
I love the idea of using washi tape to create makeshift frames.
Image source: Design Sponge

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