Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I am having a love affair with pot plants, particularly succulents. I bought these little potted pretties (top image below) from a school fete near my home some two months ago and it's the best £5 I've spent for some time because the beauty of them is that they really last! My window sill potted lavender sadly died on me when we went to South of France (amidst a heat wave) at the beginning of the month but the succulents have stood their ground. This is due to their fine ability to retain water in their leaf and stems, hence why you'll spot them in lots of homes which experience hot arid climates. Chaneling my inner green, today I did a little research to the name of the succulents I most like. Here are my round up and why...

succulents for the home
succulents for the home
1. Cactus and Aloe Vera on my window sill in my kitchen
2. Echeveria (I recently spotted in Bath lifestyle store The Loft) for their tight little 'rosette' patterns.
3. Kalanchoe Tomentosa or the 'panda plant' for their velvety texture.
4. Jade plant / money plant for it's curvy lines and prosperous luck. Image source: The Sill in NYC
5. Cactus: in all shapes and impactful sizes, they tickle me. Image source: Apartment Therapy.

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