Sunday, 4 August 2013


Do you ever feel like your mail is just such a bore? Long gone are the days of pen pals and tacky postcards from friends' holidays (I miss those days). I've just put a block on receiving bills from HSBC as I was concerned my useless printed bank statements was butchering a large chunk of valuable rainforest and I can't bare any more unnecessary mail. Feeling my pain? WELL I have just come across this neat website Not Another Bill and the concept is genius. You basically sign up (at a cost) and get a surprise gift in the mail each month from some cool new designer / artist. At the moment they are offering a 3 month trial for £55 and then it is £17 per month thereafter. Perhaps a little indulgent for one self but this would make an ace gift for a friend with appreciation for new beautifully designed things. Judging by the previous surprise parcels they've been posting out I think it's a given their gift will brighten up your post box. Here are just some of their past presents...
Not Another Bill

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