Thursday, 11 July 2013


I have just returned from a ten day trip to the South of France (hence the lack of communication). I toyed with the idea of tapping into the wifi whilst I was away or even pre-scheduling some blog posts before but sadly I wasn't that organised in the run up and sometimes (even if it is just for a week or two a year) I need to switch off from the 'noise'. We have so much communication bombarded at us I think it is healthy to close the laptop, refrain my Pinterest feed and live entirely in the moment aka mindfulness. Strangely Psychologies Magazine (which I grabbed pre flight) was on exactly the same page this month, talking about reconnecting with the great outdoors and escaping the niggling concerns of living in a big city like London and reaping what they brand as 'wilderness therapy'.

Our trip to St Raphael (Cote d'Azur) wasn't exactly intrepid (Psychologies recommended wild swimming) but camping mobile home style with the evening smell of of fir trees and sound of cicadas was my own little nod to escapism. Perhaps a little strange that this blog is about interiors but every so often I think we all need to unplug, recharge, sleep (a lot), gorge on fine wine and cheese, embrace our natural surroundings and gain some perspective.

Here are some of my regrams from my trip- sadly putting down my phone lens was a step too far! I'm thinking about printing and collaging them for my flat as a gentle reminder to get outside. What do you think?
p.s. If you are seeking out a natural refuge of your own check out 'glamping' inspired website Canopy & Stars - a carefully edited selection of 'wild' destinations with a spot of bohemian design thrown into the mix) from converted horsetrucks and luxury tree houses to eco retreats. 


  1. Looks beautiful, and yes, it is so important to find time for an 'offline' holiday at least once a year.

    On the subject of wild swimming, amazingly I find time to do just that yesterday... and it's not often that the weather in the UK tempts me to do that!!

  2. Oh wow where in the UK did you go wild swimming? I'm intrigued! Glad to hear you got a little dose of escapism too- so important!