Thursday, 18 July 2013


What are your thoughts on internal windows? When we were looking for our London flat one of the specifications topping our 'essentials list' was a separate kitchen to our lounge. I totally agree that an open plan kitchen and lounge / dining area is far more sociable and practical in smallish flats but having seen so many homes where property developers have shoe horned a 'kitchen' into the living area but it is in fact a strip of kitchen units built in along one wall, we were a bit disconcerted that we were essentially losing a room. Our separate kitchen is cosy and in need of some tile updates but its brilliantly practical with a mix of units and open shelving. However when we have guests over we find our friends naturally gravitate in to the cosy kitchen to chat to us whilst we cook but also because if they sit in the adjoining lounge I'm like 'huh?' 'what?' (my hearing isn't the sharpest). Knocking down the wall of the kitchen isn't an option as it is against our lease but I'm getting increasingly drawn to the idea of a large internal window built within it?
I first saw this idea in book Simply Scandinavian (contributing editor Sara Norrman) used in antiques dealer Anja Alfieri's Copenhagen house above, which also doubles up as a lifestyle shop (almost everything in her home is for sale- how cool is that?) and I have since seen this idea used in a lot of Scandinavian flats. I love the idea of breathing new light into the kitchen with the added value of being able to see my guests at our dining area whilst avoiding odouring our fabric sofa and carpet with the smell of cooking (then I can at very least try to lip read / or at least second guess when my guests are chatting to me!). Mainly though I think it's an interesting design feature. Here are my two favourite examples of apartments where internal windows have been introduced effectively...

2. Karen and Paolo's laid back look - from Creative People and projects

Has anyone else out in the blogosphere tried this? Love to hear your thoughts...

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