Sunday, 28 July 2013


Yesterday I found myself on a random instagram trail - you know when you browse someone you admire and then end up having a nosey at who they follow and then continue curiously looking at who they follow and so on and so forth?! Yep that was me on my journey home last night. I ended up feeling like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland popping out of my instagram black hole in to all weird and wonderful worlds. This time I emerged on to dear_corinne's instagram, faced with a panel of beautiful hand written, collaged and illustrated love letters. Corinne has pledged to write a love letter to a 100 different strangers and blog / instagram about it. I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to things like this so I'm now hooked. I see no harm in spreading a little hand written love to the world; loved ones and strangers alike there is something so magical about receiving a pen to paper letter or note (especially when they look as crafted as these) and not knowing who it is from just adds to the mystery. It may have even inspired me to do some little love letter quilling of my own...

dear_corinne love letters
Dear_corrine love letters

And where does Corinne leave her love letters (that's what I wanted to know)? Lots of different places where she feels people may benefit from them; a brothel around the corner from where she lives, the diaper isle of a supermarket (for a mummy) or for a girl living in shelter as part of the a21campaign

Delving a little further on to her blog I was interested to read that Corinne sources her paper supplies from her local japanese $2 store Daiso, Etsy and Danni at

Corinne is now on Day 50 of her love letters, join her on the rest of her journey here

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