Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Following on from my Cities Calendar post on Monday I just HAD to share this with you! Just saw a sneak preview on instagram of Rifle Paper Co's 2014 calendar called 'Herbs & Spices' which founder Anna Bond is putting the finishing touches to as we speak - hence the snap of the photoshop files open on her computer screen (see below). "Another long night" editing she said. Isn't it so beautiful and botanical? Now I'll have a pretty replacement for my Cities Calendar come new year. A little premature to be thinking about calendars I know but how apt Anna uploaded this- it's as if she answered my blogging prayers. I wonder if she'll release these as individual prints too? The month of May would look so sweet on the wall next to my window ledge complete with potted lavender. Note to self: pre order early doors to arrive at chez peg in time for 01.01.2014.

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