Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I always vowed that when I bought a flat I wouldn't shop in Ikea (invest in premium I told myself). Now I'm eating my words. Their latest collections are so practical and design led that I can't help myself. I'm planning on a not too distant trip to Ikea (anyone with a car want to take me?) and here is what's on my wish list...

1. DIGNITET Curtain Rail £10 - The neat thing about the Ikea website is that inspires you to use mundane fixtures in creative ways- I am planning on printing some instagram pictures (must get images off my phone before I end up losing it!) and hanging them from these in our study.
2. SNAR Place mat £2.30 - I tell you finding a good placemat is like discovering a tenner on the street.
3. RANARP Clamp Spotlight £18 - I've decided these look more high spec than their price tag. Also great if you don't have room for a bed side table like me.
4. HOJDARE Basket £5 - For my growing collection of gift wrap
5. FABRIKOR Glass Cabinet £150 - Quickly running out of work tops to display your trinkets? Yup me too. This cabinet is perfect for making a feature of your collectables.

Spotted any Ikea gems? I'd love to hear about them...


  1. Excellent selection! And it reminds me I need to go to Ikea anytime soon:-)

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