Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Balancing your taste with your partner / flat mate (if you live with someone else) can be seen as tricky but actually what I've discovered is amalgamating your interests / possessions makes for a really unique and interesting aesthetic.

Guitar wall
My guitar wall
In the spirit of this realisation, we've recently hung the epic Gibson guitar from the wall in our living room. Having been inspired by a recording studio and homes of music artists on Pinterest (check out below) I loved the idea of giving it a highly visible home and celebrating my boyfriend's love of guitar playing. I think it's fair to say that not only is it the most precious thing we own but it also one of the most stunningly crafted (handmade in the USA from African Bubinga and rosewood) so why not hang it from the wall and make a feature of it? It also adds to the natural nomadic look that the flat seems to be gravitating towards...

Guitar wall inspiration
Image source: Top picture Blood & Champagne / Bottom left Susanne Kings / Jessica Marx

If you are thinking about doing this yourself, it really couldn't be simpler. We ordered our guitar hanger here from Amazon (£6.49), chose the height we wanted it and drilled it into the wall (basic DIY stuff).

Do you have a guitar wall? If not do you like the idea of them?

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