Sunday, 9 February 2014


I've gradually been introducing some new additions into the humble peg home. One thing I've learnt about building a home is that is doesn't happen overnight. It can be a slow steady process, where your space evolves over time. And that's no bad thing as you often need to live in a space for a while to understand what will work. From my experience it is the impulse buys that don't stand the test of the time and it's the considered purchases that are for keeps (give yourself at least 4 weeks before buying an item- this way you know you truly like it or more importantly you want to live with it)...

Without further ado here are my latest investments and considered buys...
1. Bamboo pendant light £165 from Bodie & Fou: this delicate pendant brings a natural texture to our living area. Here I've used a filament light bulb to create more impact.
2. Patterned throw pillow covers $20 from Society6 adds some playful colour to the 
spare room / studio space.
3. Painting of jugs and ceramics by my very own mum Liz - mix personal traditional pieces of artwork with more modern prints.
4. Really happy with this new woodland meets bearded man print "ESCAPE" by Davies Babies from Society6 - framed in oak at

What are your latest interior buys?


  1. I love your latest additions and it is true you don't do a home overnight (unless you give the keys to an interior designer who does it for you, but you miss all the fun of it ;-) I should do something like this on the blog to show my latests purchases (way too long to detail them here ;-) Have a lovely Sunday xxi.

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