Tuesday, 17 December 2013


What I love about gift wrapping is that it gives me the license to mix pattern and colour that usually I'd shy away from. It unleashes my aesthetic alter ego! Why? Because it's disposable (although I DO encourage recycling your paper people) and a bit of fun - so just go for it!

Gift wrap tips
Spotted: Genius gift wrap inspiration
Here are my top tips...

1. Clash traditional prints / paper with ultra modern flashes of colour (note my attempt below and the neon + feather wrapping by Decor8 above). This is a gift not an outfit so why not be outlandish? 
(easily achieved with Rifle's bold midnight floral wrap)

2. Inject some added 'surprise' to your parcel by attaching a sweet or mini bar of chocolate. 

3. Use bold / neon washi tape instead of standard cellotape. The Glue Gun Girl on Etsy has a thrifty range of fun washi tapes.

4. Add some 'theatre' to your presents like Handmade Charlotte's Mouse Gift Wrap (genius) or by glueing feathers, sprigs of herbs, paper pom poms, lego, dried lemons etc. The options are endless...

5. Opt for some interactive gift wrap such as the recipe gift wrap by Minted.com, encouraging the paper to continue it's life post pressie opening. I'm calling it 'Multi functional gift wrap'.

Gift wrap tips

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