Monday, 2 December 2013


I have to admit I'm a tiny bit humbug when it comes to Christmas décor. Lashings of glitter, green and post box red scare me so I've compiled a little mood board below of seasonal scandi inspiration. I know I should just embrace the seasonal tack (that's part of the fun right?) but for now I'm opting for paired back, mellow and simple décor, whilst still a nod to festive... who's with me?

1. Wooden Wall Tree (space saving alternative to a real tree for those with a small pad like me) - Now £17.80 from West Elm. Decorate with homemade paper / knitted decorations.
2. Handmade Felt Advent Calendar Now £14.50 from Daylesford Organic 
(I never had a chocolate calendar as a nipper as I was allergic 
so the idea of filling this with sweet treats for loved ones is so nostalgic).
3. Real Buxus Christmas Wreath from £18 Rowen & Wren
4. Snug Trio 16.90 euros from Snug Online 
5. Handmade Donkey Christmas Decoration £12 from Daylesford Organic (adorable)
6. Gold Glitter Mini Clothes Pegs from LuluBelleDesign1182 on Etsy 
(I might just consider a sprinkle of glitter if they are on pegs!)


  1. I love the Snug ornaments and the beautiful wreaths by Rowen & Wren. In fact, I just bought a little wreath today on the farmers' market here in Munich. Will blog about it soon.

    1. Isn't that Rowen & Wren wreath so fresh and simple? Can't wait to see the wreath from the farmers market Igor! Hope you are well - love the snaps of the sea on your blog at the mo x