Wednesday, 20 November 2013


My friends Dan and Claire have recently moved into a light airy first floor Victorian flat in Tufnell Park (North London) and were just telling me of their struggles to hunt out a smallish dining table for their living area. I also grappled to find something suitably compact when we were looking for our flat but ended up going for this extendable Monty Table from It’s rare to have a proper dining space in first floor London flats so something neat is desirable. However, it is worth pointing out that slightly larger tables in a small space actually create the illusion that the space is bigger (I’ve done my interior design research) so diddy tables aren’t necessarily the only answer, unless you simply don’t have the space to house them.
With this in mind, here are my ‘top’ space saving dining tables around, a few of them being extendable so you can cater for up to six people for a spot of supper…
Space Saving Dining Tables 
1. Bayonne Flip Top Table from £625
2. Street Table from Bodie & Fou £615
3. White and Nature Dining Table from Bodie & Fou £300
4. Hester Charcoal Dining Table from Habitat £450
5. Monty Extending Dining Table from £299

Anyone else been experiencing small dining table drama?

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