Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WISHFUL WEDNESDAY: Naturally Speaking

As our living room décor starts to take shape, my thoughts are now wandering to the bedroom. I am a horrendously light sleeper and often take a while to switch off just before I go to sleep (when I seem to have all my ideas- although they never seem quite as genius when I wake up). I'm therefore hankering after a calming space, with natural soothing hues and texture (I've figured colour will just stimulate my thoughts more). On that note here is my wishful wednesday, naturally speaking...
1. Pallet Light Shade £30 from Decorator's Notebook
2. Cotton Crochet Throw £75 from Toast
3. Maiko Ivory Bowl (for my earrings / cotton wool buds) £10 Folklore 
4. Recycled Glass Vase £11 Garden Trading


  1. I love the bowl. But then I love almost everything from Folklore:-)

  2. Me too Igor! I'd be quite happy to have my entire home clobbered in Folklore x