Sunday, 27 October 2013


Impeding gail force winds and a storm brewing ("worst in years" according to BBC- erk) in London was a fine excuse to hole up in the flat and do some DIY/ baking this weekend. Only after a Friday night slap up feast and a wee tipple on Friday night of course. Here are my weekend wonders...
1. My ercol for John Lewis Chiltern wardrobe arrived on Saturday - one of my most expensive splurges  on the flat so far so I was a teeny weeny bit excited / nervous about it's arrival. I can safely say I love it. I decided it was an investment piece that will stand the test of time, spacious and refined. Man points have to go to my fella for doing much of the DIY leg work 
(guys and drills eh).
2. Pretty posey from our friends Claire + Dan, setting off my 
new Cezanne print from the National Gallery (their gallery shop is amazing for prints from the greats).
3. On Friday night I abolished some rotisserie chicken from new restaurant Le Coq in Islington (all they serve is chicken but that is free-range, organic chicken from Sutton Hoo in Suffolk- uh yum). The pear, blue cheese and watercress starter was pretty sensational too.
4. Feeling suitably domesticated after an early night on Saturday, today I got my bake on, making Will from Bright Bazaar's apricot frangipane recipe. Dead easy and so moist! Best eaten with a dollop of créme fraiche. Loving Will's Bright Bakes series (check out his Spiderweb cupcake recipe for Halloween).

Fellow Londoners, go safe tonight (I can hear the storm coming as I type) x

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